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is an offering platform for used pro audio recording studio outboard equipment and recording studio furniture (studio tables, speaker stands and racks) as B-stock/refurbished or A-stock/reduced new goods. The studio items on offer come from recording studio dissolutions, trade fair items, demonstration goods, sales returns and inventory.
All prices are with invoice including 19% VAT.

Studio furniture from Sessiondesk

B-Stock tables, racks or tripods were assembled and dismantled once for demonstration purposes (trade fair, exhibition, return), the parts were revised by the manufacturer if necessary and carefully placed back in their original packaging, complete with all screws, dowels and accompanying material. Shipping is therefore carried out by a forwarding company directly from the factory warehouse in Portugal, as a rule. between 7 and 14 working days from the order date.

Studio gear, pro audio studio equipment

The studio equipment offered is used and comes from our own recording studio resolution and brokerage. They were checked for condition and functionality and, if necessary, electronic wearing parts were replaced. A more detailed item description can be viewed on the linked offer page of the reverb sales platform. Shipping takes place from Frankfurt am Main, as a rule. between 1 and 3 working days from the order date.

General shipping

When ordering directly via, shipping is insured and free of charge to and from Germany and EU countries (except Switzerland +50€). When ordering via sales platforms such as reverb or eBay, additional shipping fees apply as stated on the platforms for each item. If the shipping company provides tracking codes, these will be passed on directly to the buyer if we know of a direct contact option.

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